Focal Plane Process Engineer

The Focal Plane Process Engineer will work with backend assembly and packaging engineering teams to lead process development and maintenance of assembly processes and documentation for manufacturing of HgCdTe, III-V SLS, Si HyViSi, and InGaAs sensor chip assemblies (SCAs). This position will require a strong background in manufacturing of flip chip bonding and assembly of infrared sensor arrays, dicing and polishing II-VI and III-V semiconductors, as well as a demonstrated ability to develop advanced manufacturing techniques. The role requires strong communication skills and close interaction with semiconductor processors to develop improved SCA fabrication processes. The ability to work closely with a team and motivate others to develop new and advance existing manufacturing technology is highly desired. Additional responsibilities include understanding detector and focal plane data and developing design of experiments (DOEs). Strong technical writing and communication skills will be required to write whitepapers, proposals and technical reports, as well as support customer reviews. The Focal Plane Process Engineer is responsible for day-to-day duties including technical leadership in SCA manufacturing, providing manufacturing engineering information by answering questions and requests by the manufacturing line, leading development projects by training and guiding technicians. The Focal Plane Process Engineer will be involved in all phases of backend SCA fabrication from idea creation, participation in proposal preparation and submission, and backend SCA fabrication monitoring.

Primary Responsibilities:

• Develop and maintain polishing, dicing, bonding and hybridization processes and documentation for manufacturing of HgCdTe, III-V SLS, Si HyViSi, and InGaAs SCAs.

• Lead investigations and resolve process issues in the manufacturing area.

• Support and troubleshoot processes associated with assembly of delicate semiconductor components, polishing, dicing, diamond point turning, die attach and flip chip bonding/hybridization.

• Documenting detailed work instructions and travelers for production processes.

• Lead or participate in cross functional team engagements to resolve process or product issues.

• Present analysis or key findings of process areas to internal or external customers

• Develop and implement innovative approaches to reduce cycle time, increase throughput while improving process yields and product costs.

• Maintain repeatable and reliable manufacturing processes while improving production rates, efficiencies, yields, costs and changeovers.

• Improve process capability and production volume while maintaining and improving quality standards.

• Design, conduct and report experimental data

• Work with equipment designers and manufacturing officers to develop a cost-effective and working production process.

• Research and purchase new manufacturing technology.

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