Glassworking Technician/Senior Technician – Coherent, Inc. – East Granby, CT

Responsible for glassworking on standard production preforms within Nufern’s cleanroom facility in accordance with operating procedures.

Perform a wide variety of glassworking operations with a Hydrogen/Oxygen torch and glassworking lathes.

Acid etch clean and then prep glass tubes, core rods, and preforms.

Monitor glass jacketing production runs and make adjustments.

Troubleshoot basic process and equipment problems.

Document process parameters, and perform SAP transactions.

Perform basic torch and lathe maintenance.

Perform in-process Quality Control inspection and testing.

Work closely with Fiber Draw team.

Assist Technologists and Engineers as needed for developmental work.

Other glass-working duties as necessary for production support.

Cross-train in other areas as needed.

Education and Work Experience

Two+ years of experience in a high-tech manufacturing environment, or Associates degree in Laser Electro-Optics or Photonics.

Computer proficiency, basic Excel skills required.

Previous glassworking or welding experience strongly desired.

Computer literacy including basic Excel skills.

Fine motor skills and dexterity for manually manipulating glass.

Ability to safely handle liquid and gaseous chemicals.

Must be conscientious and detail-oriented.

Knowledge of production concepts such as calibration and quality systems.

Ability to understand, follow and in some cases create documented operation procedures.

Ability to multi-task and switch from task to task at short notice is a desirable quality

Must be able and willing to work independently for long periods of time with minimal supervision.

Reports to a supervisor and follows a set of standards and procedures to perform routine work.

Seeks supervisory approval on non-routine matters.

Participation in group discussions required to discuss and refine procedures and process improvements.

Related technical or engineering-based associate degree or certificate program is a plus.

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