Nationwide Photonics Opportunities to 300k: Lasers, Optics, Photonics, Fiber-Optics, Thin Films

January / February 2023, the US unemployment rate is 3.5%. There has never been a better time for candidates to explore career enhancing opportunitie$ in Photonic$ in the last 15 years.  Talk to us today!

RA has spent 2020-2023 filling Sr leadership and technical roles in Photonics:  CEO, VP, Dir, Sr Mgrs, Sr/Princ. Eng/SME,   Noone knows Photonics talent acquisition like RA!

Whether you are looking for a start up, an established “Big 6” Photonics Co or someplace in between, talk to us about the employment market today!

Howard Rudzinsky and Jenifer Bunis are actively working on a number of assignments nationwide. You should have industrial experience and the ability to work in the US as well as Global opportunities. Opportunities at the AS, BS, MS, PhD levels for professionals w/ relevant backgrounds, experience, education.

Please Look at a small sampling of positions we are working on today, and a few we’ve recently filled:

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Find Howard or Jenifer at PW 23′ and let’s talk about maximizing your career trajectory, or filling that strategic talent opening in your organization!

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